Hear from those who have completed the BOX12 Online Body Transformation Plan and achieved great results!


BOX12 offer a fun, easy and structured way to train that keeps you engaged throughout the process. The nutrition process is so well explained and I’m loving the fact I can eat foods I like and still lose body fat. The tuition and recovery sessions really help me optimise the workouts. I’m amazed at the difference in just 4 weeks! Bring on the next 4 weeks!

Tom Lowe

The easy to follow online app has enabled the whole plan to be fully structured and easier to sustain. The classes are so professionally, I feel great afterwards and I don’t ache too much. BOX12 has educated me to understand the nutritional value of foods. I’m eating my full daily calorie intake for the first time ever and still losing weight!  My energy levels are through the roof and I’ve been riding my bike for 10k rides on my days off!

Sian Grey

If you are committed, want to learn a skill, want to get fit fast, increase your confidence, release stress and becoming a better version of yourself? BOX12 will tick all the boxes - Adaptable, doable and enjoyable!

Simon Austin

BOX12 is an easy to use system that allows you to follow set plans and workouts for your fitness goals. The workouts require nothing other than yourself and your own motivation. The wellbeing and boxing tutorials help you develop your skills and techniques to progress you through the plans. The plan has enabled me to follow it with out feeling too much in a routine and along with nutrition information has allowed me to still enjoy little treats in life whilst still be on track with calories and macros. Looking forward to part two!

Barry Weston

'I have tried lots of different programs and plans in the past but struggled as i'm a really fussy eater. The BOX12 plan is so easy to follow I can still eat most of the foods that I enjoy! I have also learnt so much about different foods and how i need to fuel my body.  I haven’t felt hungry at all and  with previous plans I've caved and eaten rubbish at night.  The workouts are so so good, the combination of shadow boxing and bodyweight exercises is perfect and I can really see some definition already!  After 4 weeks I have lost 8lb, a total of 22cm and my energy levels are through the roof. This is definitely not just a fad diet or crash weight loss, for me it has been a lifestyle change, thank you BOX12!

Charlie Eade

I have used boxing as my cardio workout for many years now but the 36 minute BOX12 workouts are AMAZING! The mix of shadow boxing and bodyweight exercises are challenging but more importantly fun. Never thought I would be able to burn 600 calories in a short space of time without any equipment!!

I have tried many plans over the years with varied success, main issue is always following a rigid food/diet plan… the BOX12 nutrition framework makes this part of the plan easy to follow but fills me with confidence that I could change my eating habits for good. I can add variety to my food and it provides flexibility to my lifestyle which involves lots of travel.

I can't recommend BOX12 highly enough….more energy, reduction in bodyfat and my fitness levels have dramatically increased!!

Jon Eade






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